Looking for an innovative, ethical waste management partner?

We are a proud Level 2 BEE and ISO Certified Company

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Ethical waste management

When you choose SmartMatta for your waste management partner, you’ll get environmentally sustainable solutions that deliver measurable business results and save costs in the long term – No hidden costs and no landfills to feed.

Getting to Zero Waste

We know that getting to zero waste to landfill is a driving force for you. Not only for your business’s reputation, but because you truly care about the future of our planet. And we can help you get there. We don’t own landfill sites and work to divert waste from landfills.

Who is SmartMatta?

At the heart of our business is innovation – innovation that drives our positive, proactive approach and determination to utilise every resource to benefit your business and the environment. We believe that innovation creates value, and increased value is what you want.

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