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Zero waste is not just a tagline in business anymore – it’s a real roadmap that companies and individuals are trying to navigate, WastePlan included. No doubt, a low carbon approach is ambitious. It requires a radical mindshift as much as a new company business process  But sustainable business is an attainable reality, with the right people onboard to unlock its layered benefits.


SmartMatta are those ‘right kind of people’. That’s why, as of 1 August 2020, WastePlan is the proud new owner of this reputable business. We thought to give you the lowdown on this latest acquisition: what does this mean for WastePlan? How will this acquisition extend WastePlan’s services? And, in case you may not know SmartMatta, who are these guys anyway?


Here are a few answers to a few questions you may be asking. 


Who is SmartMatta?

SmartMatta is a waste management company with a 30-year old footprint in South Africa. They primarily operate within the food and beverage space. In 2015 Barloworld bought the business, which expanded SmartMatta’s clientele to include big listed companies such as SAB, Nestle, Coca Cola, Rhodes Food Group, The Beverage Company, Brandhouse Beverages, Astrapak, Consol, Nampak, Amcor, Sappi, Mpact, Corruseal, Ecolab, and Avon. SmartMatta has been successfully servicing these companies in both an advisory and onsite waste management capacity.


What makes SmartMatta different?

Long before words like innovation and agility were buzzing in the boardrooms, SmartMatta was putting them to action. They don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions to minimise waste; they treat every waste stream with a unique and client-centred approach that brings measurable, effective change. Through combined skills and expertise, SmartMatta marries good economics with cutting edge environmental innovation to move companies towards a ‘zero waste to landfill’ reality. Some of their big brand clients are already on Zero Waste, and waiting to be audited and verified. 


How does SmartMatta work?

They offer total waste management services and work directly with companies to measure, analyse and benchmark their environmental operations and sustainability goals. Their smart solutions include innovations like anaerobic digestion, shredding and product destruction international trading of waste streams, including refurbishment and remanufacturing. Their aim is always to transform waste into a viable resource.


Where has SmartMatta been working?

They have worked across South Africa, with offices in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.


So WastePlan bought SmartMatta. What does this mean?

It means that we can keep doing what we do best, better. Through combined skills and expertise, WastePlan and SmartMatta can move faster and more efficiently to bring deliverable business results with minimal environmental impact. It means that both networks can work together, pooling resources and unlocking potential to maximise our reach into waste innovation in the SA waste management sector. 


But WastePlan will still keep the SmartMatta name. Why is that?

SmartMatta is a brand known for delivering on its promises. It has a reputation for customer centricity and excellence. The SmartMatta name carries credibility. It opens doors – doors that count. We acknowledge this long-standing reputation and want to keep this trusted name intact.  


So how will I win from this merger? 

Both parties bring a substantial amount of expertise, passion and skill to the table, so the ‘wins’ from this partnership could be significant. Greater resources, improved technologies and access to key networks will only strengthen our competencies and enable faster, better solutions from both sides. 


An acquisition of this kind means you’re offered double the resources to speed up innovation around solutions for your waste streams and a tighter grasp on the wheel of your zero waste journey.  


Want to know more about SmartMatta? Read here


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