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In this age of environmental fragility and financial turmoil, it’s not enough for companies to plow ahead with no concern for what’s left in their wake. More than ever, companies are considering their carbon load and taking their waste streams more seriously. And for those committed to effective, sustainable change, they are finding that a careful evaluation of their business practices and outputs has only done their company well. To future proof your organisation and safeguard its current brand value,  you have to know just what goes into your waste streams. (Or, more importantly, what need not be there in the first place.) Here is why understanding the content of your carbon footprint matters. 

Minimising your expenses

Recyclables within your waste streams should not end up in the landfill – not when they can be repurposed and you can be financially rewarded for their recovery. Through our partnership with WastePlan, recyclability is directly translated into savings: your company is rewarded for every kilogram of recyclable waste diverted from landfill. More waste reused and recovered on site means less loads, less often, to the landfill, and of course, less damage to your bottom line. You will save on transport costs, management fees, landfill usage, and cumbersome legal costs and taxes when you optimise your waste streams and leverage their potential value within the circular economy.

Building compliance confidence 

It can be a tricky business to keep up with regulatory compliance when SA’s environmental legislation is in constant shift. But failure to comply with the most current regulations could cost your company significant loss by way of penalties and fees. Laws like the new Carbon Tax and amended NEM (National Environmental Management) Waste Act demand a much higher level of accountability when it comes to tracking your carbon outputs. By understanding the size and composition of your waste, you can anticipate the legal pitfalls and make the necessary changes to downsize your waste streams and stay in the compliance zone. Partnering with professionals like SmartMatta will help you to stay on top of the latest legislations. 

Fueling innovative fire

Understanding your waste streams helps you think deeper and differently about the way you run your business. Inevitably as you pinpoint your waste sources you identify lost value, and rethink the ways your organisation can capitalise on untapped opportunity that will pave a more sustainable future. Your business is unique; so too are the solutions to unlock its full value and benefit your part of the planet. The more firmly your finger stays on the pulse of your company’s waste management, the more likely you can interrogate, adapt and innovate your business model for ongoing value creation. 

Protecting the brand

These days businesses operate behind glass walls; how you conduct your affairs is as important as what your organisation brings to market. The demand for ethical waste management is ever rising; unnecessary trash could trash your brand in time. It’s vital that you consider your carbon wake if you want to earn the ongoing respect of your customers and competitors. 

Keeping it real

Real time tracking and reporting helps you understand your waste habits, compare your outputs over time, and assess where dormant value is lost and gained. We believe that knowledge is power, and with accurate, on demand information at your fingertips, you can best steer your organisation towards sustainability. 

Not knowing where you waste is going will cost your company money, time and brand reputation in the long run. And that’s not to mention the severe impact it could cause to the environment. Although partnering with a good waste management provider comes with an initial price tag, the payoff is disproportionate over time. Through innovative, cutting edge solutions and customised tools to suit your unique needs, we’ll help you become smarter, greener and more agile to push the boundaries of what’s possible within the world of zero waste.  

Let us help you make best use of your resources and unlock transformative business. Contact us to discuss your compliance – or download our checklist, here. 

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